10 Small Things We Did During Coronavirus

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I wanted to write down a few things I did during the Coronavirus, from small to large. Hopefully this will give you a bunch of new ideas to do yourself. I just tried to catch up on a lot of tech and physical things around the house and in my life that I had not kept up with or had never done before.

  1. We got a RING device. A bunch of my neighbors had installed the RING doorbell and chime. I have resisted. The price came down, under $100 for the lowest end device, so we signed up. Once we got the device, it pretty much took less than 30 minutes to get it all set up. Now I know if you are at my front-gate and can easily view that from my mobile app, while I am not home.
  2. Unsubscribed to a ton of email lists. I was messing with my gmail account and accidentally ended up merging all new email that is not spam with “important”. Important became every email. So suddenly I was inundated. So I took some time to start getting off email lists and I got my inbox down by at least 5,000. I recommend you do the same. It’s not great for companies who build lists like mine, but at least I am not receiving an email per minute now.
  3. Learned how to run a Zoom Call/Webinar. It’s not exactly rocket science, but running a a dozen Zoom calls, and managing a several big Zoom Webinars, I got to quickly be an expert at everything Zoom. Learning the ins and outs of promoting, gathering data, pre-running and post-running webinars. Now a Zoom “Event” became part of my toolbox.
  4. Fixed a pair of Sony headphones. I have two sets of Sony noise reduction headphones. Instead of tossing one part that had a broken plastic part and a broken connector, I used Gorilla Glue and tape to fix both broken parts. And they are back in business giving us music and sound without having to buy a new pair. Thank you Youtube.
  5. Grew a Victory Garden. We already had been gardening for quite some time, but the Corona-virus seemed to accelerate what we already began. Our plants are now growing vertically on our fence and we have expanded to the point where we look serious in our little yard. You know you don’t need much space for a garden. And it’s all organic! I say Victory Garden because that is what they did in world war 1 and 2 due to shortages.
  6. Got Gasbuddy. I had heard about Gas Buddy from an article or TV show somewhere. It allows you to see all the current gas prices in a 10 miles radius. It is a great app, but that is if we were still driving/commuting anywhere, which we are not. Either way, I will use it to save in the future.
  7. Learned MongoDB. Some of those reading are not technical, so skip it. I decided that one of my projects needed something more power than Mysql, so I went for a NoSQL db for the first time for my project and got it installed to work with PHP, the programming language I know.
  8. We made zucchini bread and cookies. Not too important, but we experimented with different types of cookies. As far as the zucchini bread, it really needed chocolate chip cookies. And my kids refused to eat them because once again no chocolate in them. Remember the chocolate!
  9. Laid some cement. In Florida, our homes and structures are often block covered in plaster or cement like coverings. I got out Sakrete brand, which is easy to use and did some touch ups.
  10. Made my famous Sauer Kraut. I don’t like it too salty or too mushy. The recipe to make it is simple and it makes, at least for me, a great snack to keep me from eating too many carbs or burgers, etc or cookies, which I am going to eat tonight. How to make the stuff I like, it’s simple. Cut up and cook a half an onion and saute till just about browned. Slice and dice a full cabbage (can be green or red). Put the onions and cabbage in a pot and add 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 3/4 cup cranberry juice. You need to put in a touch of salt, and a full tablespoon of cumin. When it starts to boil, then turn it down to simmer for 45 minutes covered. This stuff will last for months, literally, when refrigerated. Go for it! Next up for me, is making Kimchee!

Usually I write about tech, startup, my business issues, etc. Trust me there have been a ton of these during the Coronavirus, but wanted to write about something different. Good luck everybody. Stay safe.

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