10 Small Things We Did During Coronavirus

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I wanted to write down a few things I did during the Coronavirus, from small to large. Hopefully this will give you a bunch of new ideas to do yourself. I just tried to catch up on a lot of tech and physical things around the house and in my life that I had not kept up with or had never done before.

  1. We got a RING device. A bunch of my neighbors had installed the RING doorbell and chime. I have resisted. The price came down, under $100 for the lowest end device, so we signed up. Once we got the device, it pretty much took less than 30 minutes to get it all set up. Now I know if you are at my front-gate and can easily view that from my mobile app, while I am not home.

Usually I write about tech, startup, my business issues, etc. Trust me there have been a ton of these during the Coronavirus, but wanted to write about something different. Good luck everybody. Stay safe.

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