10 Things The FCC Absolutely Needs Regulate.

Dan Gudema
5 min readFeb 1, 2022

First off, I am definitely a supporter and believe in Freedom of Speech, First Amendment rights, and I was actually once involved politically in college and supported groups that support every minority viewpoint’s right to free speech.

However, over the past 30 years, we have seen the FCC, The Federal Communications Commission, slowly but surely, relinquish its right to regulate communications of old TV stations, cable news broadcasters, infomercials, radio, Internet, and pretty much any way online or offline people can watch or hear.

If you know nothing of the FCC, because you are under 40, it’s because they basically do very little when it comes to content these days unless it is print… Yes print, it’s a thing people read sometimes.

The business community uses the code words “reducing regulation”, as a way to describe loosening up rules and allowing businesses to expand unimpeded. We are at a maximized loosening of regulations through both Republican and Democratic administrations, where trust me, somebody will die, has died, because people are listening to quacks, kooks, and doctors who should have their heads examined. And I am just saying that everybody is in on it on the political side. To get this far a lot of money has greased a lot of congressional palms to remove or loosen up the rules.

When you hear those words “reducing regulation”, do you associate that with allowing you to be completely lied to, thinking something is a news show when it really is a white-collar ex-con giving you their opinion, or people having the freedom to give you advice like drinking bleach?

Bet you don’t make that association?

But what is reducing FCC regulation, other than that? It’s allowing businesses to make more money, not be stopped with “rules” and “regulations”, and take money from people with nobody stepping in and saying, wait-a-second, you are possibly killing somebody!

At some point, when cable TV arrived in the US, in the early 80s, it introduced a new concept that seems to be, that the FCC has no or little jurisdictions because…

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