12 Top SEO Cheat Sheet For Startups

I’ve been giving an SEO presentation in several different forms over the past 3 months that keeps evolving. Each time I give this presentation it is for a different type of listener in the audience, a different level of SEO experience per person and in some cases the listeners are just learning what this SEO thing is all about.

One of the presentations was to a WordPress Group that wanted to learn more about SEO as it relates to WordPress. One was an SEO Master Class, which means there are some serious people in the audience.

So, I always start the same way. Depending on who is reading this, there are different levels of skill-sets involved, and the complexity behind SEO is growing every day. The first question is always what is your experience? Do you know what SEO stands for? Search Engine Optimization.

Are you a web marketer?

Are you a web developer/programmer?

Are you a blogger?

Are you a small business owner and curious on the subject matter?

Either way, there a ton of resources out there about SEO on many different websites, including hosting, domain names and other places. You can go off to these websites and read this stuff.

More specifically I am writing to the startup founder, who is about to embark on trying to promote their baby. In particular, I feel for you because often, even with the greatest advice from advisers at incubators from Silicon Valley to Manhattan, they seem to leave SEO off the list of things you need to do, like it is an afterthought. It’s a painful afterthought, because those same advisers really often don’t understand the bootstrap world I come from, where you are never getting a PPC budget, a Youtube budget, a budget in general. Who thinks they are getting a budget? Only a silicon valley startup would blow the first $12 million without getting a visitor to a website? That’s because common knowledge is not always so common, and everybody in Silicon Valley are not the center of everything, they are the center of capital though!

So this list of must do things for SEO comes from my recent presentations. I am sure there is something out there, beyond this that I am missing, because there are 100 other SEO things you could be doing beyond this list… I also am aware this is very basic SEO, so kind of boring to SEO experts, but it is still important.

  1. Page Titles
    I can’t get it all the nuances here, but let’s just say your web pages (yes, you need more than 1), need good page titles, that don’t start with “Home”.
  2. Meta Description
    There needs to be a meta description or Google just finds the first content on a page to show on a Google Search.
  3. URLS Matter
    This means the wording in the website addresses or permalinks matter like: / Google likes the URL having content in it.
  4. Canonicals Are Important
    First question I get is what is a canonical? The answer is, it is the URL of the 1 and only web page that should get indexed to avoid duplicate content getting indexed. This is a meta tag.
  5. Open Graph Metas are critical for social
    Basically these are Meta tags that are for OG (Open Graph) or Twitter or Facebook that tell the social engines what text and image to “share” when the web page is shared.
  6. Sitemap
    A lot of sites seam to have forgotten that customers sometimes need to see the bigger picture, especially on complicated sites. And I still feel Google likes to crawl these sitemap pages.
  7. XML Sitemap
    You need to generate an XML Sitemap for Google Search Console and submit it. This can be done by anybody, but you need a program like Yoast to generate it. If you are not using WordPress, you may need an expert to do this.
  8. Rich Snippets
    For those who have not implemented a Schema.org or Rich Snippet coding, it is time to look this up and understand that Google formats stuff in searches based on the rich snippets (for the top searches).
  9. Mobile First
    Google today is all about mobile friendliness. That means that your site must be google friendly. One way to find out is the Google tool:
  10. Speed is Important
    There are a dozen methods to make your site faster. And to be honest, all those plugins and stuff you use can bring the speed down. Start with a good test. I like this one:
  11. Events Are Tops
    I have been in the event biz for over 15 years and can tell you that Google loves the combo of Geography, Places, and Dates and Times. It can send your event to the top of searches.
  12. Geography Pages Rock
    Getting high in the Google Search Results by way of Geography is simple to explain. Your content that is geo-encoded like city, state, zip within a web page are more and more impacted by Smart-Phone searches, which automatically have geo in them.

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Have a great day.

Founder SEO Turbo Booster, , Writer, Speaker, Consultant. Email me at to contact me.

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