2020 A Year Of Schlock & Awe

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The year 2020 for me is not about what happened, it’s about what did not happen. And there is a lot of what did not happen. Warning: I get a little political at the end of this article.

And let’s not focus on the physical events that happened, because that is just too easy. There is much, much more going on in 2020 than the news that impacted us all. We all know things like there was a pandemic, Trump lost an election, protests caused New Yorker friends of mine to leave the city indefinitely, the stock market crashed and then rebounded. And there were some bright spots like 2 peace treaties in the middle east with Israel.

But what’s more interesting are some of the subtle things that happened to our society which heralded in a new era that may never be the same. We were forced to change our ways and join the future in many ways.

  • My kids never went back to physical classes in school.
    They simply sat next to my home office and went online. They survived. They figured it out, for the most part. It was difficult at times and it definitely had it’s up and downs. But the kids really liked being at home for most of the day. The most interesting part of this happened when we needed to leave our home during a termite tenting for 3 days. We found a local hotel room with chairs and a suite and they spent 2 full days at the hotel sitting in their virtual classes. We all adapted and got through this. It was not that bad in the end.

And for those of you who think “Trump is the greatest, bestest president who every lived”, the real reason he loses the election in this year, 2020 is there is no way Trump could handle the oncoming medical disaster fallout and no way the Republicans can organize themselves in a way to manage our medical needs. They were the wrong party at the wrong time and they needed to go. The pandemic is that crystal clear reason. Am I shocked that so many did vote for Trump? I get it. They liked some of things he did. But instead of focusing on doing government, Trump’s focus has been on controlling the message of government. Instead of having a very severe 3 week lockdown in Feb, March of 2020, the White House opted to make fun of Covid-19 and message it was not a big deal. They eventually changed their tune, but not before killing a few people with big rallies that made no sense and become super spreader events. They may refute everything I am saying. They change the conversation every time people talk about facts, but 350,000 dead says it all. 2020 was a year of Schlock and Awe as we learned what not to do during a pandemic!

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