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The year 2020 for me is not about what happened, it’s about what did not happen. And there is a lot of what did not happen. Warning: I get a little political at the end of this article.

And let’s not focus on the physical events that happened, because that is just too easy. There is much, much more going on in 2020 than the news that impacted us all. We all know things like there was a pandemic, Trump lost an election, protests caused New Yorker friends of mine to leave the city indefinitely, the stock market crashed and then rebounded. …

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As we reach into a new era for my tech startup, SEO Turbo Booster, I had an interesting experience talking with a potential customer, partner, advisor. He gave me the talk, that I was doing something not viable, not even possible, and not something he would consider. But I told him he was not my customer, so don’t sweat it. I told him whatever we do, it’s because customers want it and pay for it, and that’s that. I had no reason to argue with him. I told him in some ways I agree, but overall I don’t. …

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I am probably like you, just an average guy living in an average home with an average family of 4. A lot of people probably will laugh if they heard I was handy around a home. Like most, I do what I can do myself. Automating my home is one of my goals.

First, we need to identify what is Home Automation and what can actually be accomplished. You have electric power consumption that can be managed by time, by other factors. You have your air and heat consumption and timing. You have voice-based services like Echo, Siri, and Alexa. I am not up for those just yet, but my system connects to it. You have other items like video services like Ring, which I do have. The price on that came down under $100 and we now have it. And before I finished writing this article I came across a product I am going to try which supposedly reduces your energy consumption through a volt management device. …

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My Problem — Multiplicity

If you only knew me from a short conversation, follow me on Medium or Linkedin, read my writings, see the software I’ve written, or heard me speak in front of an audience, you’d think that I am an extremely focused person. I am not a focused person.

I wish I was a focused personality, but that is not who I am. I tend to want to start new things all the time and I seem to enjoy multiple businesses, switching between jobs, etc., etc.

But do I really like multitasking? No, not really. I have an issue. …

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A California judge has ordered Uber and Lyft to reclassify their workers from independent contractors to employees with benefits, a ruling that could be consequential for gig economy workers if it survives the appeals process.

If you have not read this August 10, 2020 story about Uber and Lyft, click here to read it on NPR, and they reference this story a year ago about the reclassification of 1099 workers as employers. That means the law says in California these workers need to get health benefits, worker’s comp, etc.

So, let’s just clarify what is happening here. Basically, if you really think about the overall macro issue, it’s simple. Whether employees work at Uber, Lyft, Wal-mart, or Amazon as 1099 employees, they don’t have the benefits or healthcare of full-time workers. That is the exact problem. It’s even worst off than you think because Uber and Lyft drivers are the likeliest to get in an accident. …

Are you in the middle of or considering creating a tech startup?

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If you are on this tech startup journey, I want to get to you early and let you know about what could be the most important thing you will consider. If you get this wrong, you will fail. And that thingy is Product Market Fit.

I want to use the words “Wake Up People!”, but trust me it’s not useful here.

I abhor the use of the words “Wake Up People!” I’ve heard those words from all political spectrums. Trust me, nobody is waking up!

Product Market Fit is and will be the most important problem I have faced in my tech Saas startup. It could be your problem as well. And now that I am feeling like we are close to finding it for SEO Turbo Booster, I can tell you that I should be satisfied, but I am not. The reason I am not satisfied with my product market fit, is I will always feel like it’s not right or exact. …

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I had a business partner who was giving tons of speeches and presentations. They asked him why he loved giving presentations? His answer was “I hate it and I am bad at it, I hate getting in front of audiences”. So we asked him “If you hate getting up in front of audiences, why do you continue to give presentations?” His answer was so “he could overcome his public speaking issues”.

Ok, a very clever answer.

This pretty much sums up my history of being single and trying to meet women. And it is pretty much the same deal and be good at keeping a relationship. …

I keep thinking of that line from the Fleetwood Mac song:

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here
It’ll be, better than before
Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone

In my current SEO Saas business, my obsession is always about what is next, and not about what is right in front of me. It’s just the way my brain is wired. And it’s not always a good thing to think like this.

Focus!, Focus! is what my ADD brain keeps telling me!

Things are going well with SEO Turbo Booster, our white-labeled SEO Saas platform for web agency partners. Once you have a product-market fit for a Saas startup like this, it’s just best to put the foot on the gas pedal and drive hard. …

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Ok, so let’s start by saying I am the founder of an SEO Saas platform. Let’s get that out of the way, so you know my biases and what I am always selling. I am not selling you per se, I’m just giving you pre-feedback about where I am personally coming from.

If you don’t know what the words SEO or Saas mean, I will give you a 5-second overview. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a field of online marketing that works on getting you organic or natural traffic on search engines like Google. …

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I have been off the job market for at least 2 years, because I have been focusing on my SEO Tech Startup and what was a successful event business. I work everyday, but on smaller consulting gigs and small businesses, not big corporate projects.

As you know the physical in-person events business is done for 2020. Even though I am the tech guy in the event business, which was booming right up till March 1st, 2020 I am impacted. There are little to no sales. And there won’t be in-person sales for a quite a while. …


Dan Gudema

Founder SEO Turbo Booster,, Writer, Speaker, Consultant. Email me at to contact me.

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