Cheap Android Marshmallow Notebooks Are New Windows/Mac Laptop Category Killers!

We were in search of a way for my son in third grade to start writing and printing his assignments.

That’s because he has had some physical issues with writing since kindergarten and has struggled with handwriting in general.

He is smart. In fact, he is crazy smart. But the inability to quickly write paragraphs on tests in 3rd grade means he is not going to pass.

We had to do something. And the school decided to allow him to type out his answers on an electronic device and print his answers.

The school has some kind of antiquated system, but we were looking for something that would make life easy for him. In our minds this would be a small notebook computer with a small printer.

Ok, so that lead us to really investigating all the options.

So, what type of electronic device does a 9 year old really need to write on?

You got to remember, we have a limited budget. And trust me, he is not getting another Apple product he can drop once and smash in 30 seconds. So let’s eliminate from this discussion devices and systems that are too expensive and make no sense.

Forget about all Apple MacBook Air and MacBook products. They are pricey, even used on eBay. They start at $1000 used! They are easy to smash. 9 year olds tend to drop things over and over. And MacBooks don’t really come in protectable covers.

Forget about all iPads. We have a couple broken first generation iPads we can show you. In fact, the only working iPad we have left is an iPad Mini. But the iPad Mini is not really meant for typing. You can add on a keyboard, but most of the keyboards are not really easy to add on for a 9 year old. He has to be able to work it, take it to school and use it!

Forget about all Windows Notebook computers. We looked at Asus and Dells and HPs, but quite frankly too much firepower for just printing documents out. And though they are cheap, we were looking for something under $100. That’s not really possible for Windows 10 systems. Just MS Word will cost you that.

Forget about Chrome Books. These are pretty much a pile of metal dead weight for us. They can’t be used if they are not on the web. That is a non-starter for us. And unlike Android, you don’t have access to 20,000 apps. And that is where it all turned around for me. Getting access to apps means everything in deciding what you are going to buy.

Forget about our old Android Tablets. Each of our sons have 3 year old 7 inch Android tablets they use for fun. They do not have a keyboard, nor an easy way to add one. They are slow. They are filled with my kid’s stop motion videos. They are outdated and one has a glass screen with a big crack!

That’s why my wife finally started to take a look at low-end RCA Android laptop products. And what we found was quite amazing from a price, form and functionality perspective. In fact, nobody I know buys RCA Android Laptops, because our assumption is it would be a piece of crap! (Lo and Behold it is not) and therefor the product pricing has been falling by the month. I have given you the secret here!

All those people I know who would think this cheap Android device is useless are wrong! In fact, the cheapest product on the market is quite the opposite. It is amazingly useful and for many reasons better!

Once I got a hold of this below $100 Android device with a nice keyboard I realized how light and easy to use it is. And I will get into why this device is a game changer and ultimately a category killer!

It’s apparently hard to spend over a $100 dollars on these Android products by RCA and other providers. And there are definitely some downsides, but listen to these upsides:

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is fantastic. Turns out this new operating system for Android by Google is very stable, very usable and easy to work with. With a single finger, I am able to swoop around between apps, get to the web, check my email and still type on a real “physical” keyword. Sounds like what you really want to be doing sitting in bed, not pointing at screen letters on your iPhone or Samsung device getting carpel tunnel syndrome!

NO GLASS, JUST PLASTIC SCREENS. Sounds bad, right? Wrong! It works great and my sons have dropped these suckers a dozen times in the past month. I don’t have to visit YouBrokem or IFixIt for these devices.

APPS… Just imagine you had a MacBook Air or Windows Notebook, which could download 20,000 Apps! Wells PCs do not work that way! They don’t have apps! Let’s just say the end of laptops running Windows and MacBooks are upon us, because iOS and Android are now about to kill the PC!

For $45 we were able to pick up 2 (I am not kidding) used RCA Android devices on eBay that are size 10 inches. So my second son gets one as well.

Then we picked up 2 $85 RCA tablets size 11 inch screens for me and my wife. She has not put it down in 3 weeks. I take mine with me everywhere, because let’s mention a few other important category killer items like:

Android 6.0 automatically transferred all my Google Android Apps to the device in minutes. Can your MAC do that jack?

So my Twitter, my Evernote, my Google Gmail, my Hangouts, My Pandora, Netflix, WordStreak, My Word With Friends and Internet browsers and 40 other apps came right down to the device nice and neatly in minutes when I logged onto Google.

In fact, we were in Orlando last week at a water park hotel and we used the RCA device to stream a Netflix and Plex movie right to the HDMI cable connection on the device to the room TV!

I took my new RCA Android 6 tablet on a JetBlue flight to Baltimore last week. With free wifi in the air, I typed my emails on a real keyboard and chatted with my wife live through Google Hangouts. I could have Skyped. I could have watched any movie I wanted to or listened to NPR or Pandora. The sky is the limit here.

You can pop the keyboard off and go full vertical tablet.

Instead of using a mouse, or that very stupid square thing for your finger on your laptop, you just touch the screen and use your finger like a mouse on the screen. Best of both worlds.

The battery power required is a lot less than a regular PC/notebook so it lasts a day on a full charge.

My sons can download any games (we approve of) and that is what they like the most!

It has blue tooth that works well, as well as wifi and it uses a standard Samsung charge cable.

The majority of apps I regularly use remain live, meaning they never turn off. All you have to do is swipe up and down and they appear and you can touch and switch between them. Therefor you never have to go and look up an app icon like Gmail if it is open.

Ok, so what are the downsides…

Well, obviously they are as cheap as sin so there is no WiMax. That means that it is only for Wifi use. In my son’s case he just needed Bluetooth or a cable to a printer. For us, realistically when are we going to be in a non-wifi location and need to use the device? We have wifi at home, Starbucks, Panera Bread, airports! Other than sitting in the park, or camping (well you should put your Internet connection away at that point).

We should not be using this thing while driving and obviously it is nearly impossible to work it while driving, and that’s for the best!

And maybe the plastic screen is crappy, but who cares, as long as we don’t have to go to the IfixEmFast guys!

I am sure that one of the 4 devices we bought as a family will fail soon enough, but at $45 or $85, we just get a new one and we are off to the races!

I ask you to challenge me and let me know why I am wrong about this Android Device and the inevitable future, which is a lot more Android and a lot less Apple!

Get one now below at Wal-Mart before Trump adds a 40% import tariff:

Wal-Mart Android Marshmallow Tablet for $85!

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