Do You Need Intelligent Email?

Being both in Online Technology and Online Marketing, I have been working in and around email marketing for over 18 years. My speed dating company sends up to a million email a month and I estimate I send and receive 2,000 email weekly. Understanding how email works is what I refer to as a core Internet skill-set that many of us have from the early years of the Internet.

That email skill-set could be the tech side of it, operations or it could be the marketing content side.

Regardless of what every social media marketing guy tells you, email is still a major way most eCommerce companies drive and convert customers through a sale funnel. If you have worked social media for sales you would come to the realization that email often is better for sales conversion as well as Text/SMS. I would describe social media as an enhancement to sales and not a major way to get sales, especially in B2B markets. My contention is that we are going through a new email spurt, because of the growth of smart phones has increased email usage, not decreased it.

Yet, let’s be honest about email marketing. The needle has not changed much in the past 7 years or so in terms of content. Marketing Automation has automated a lot of processes for those who use it, through email sequences (also referred to as drip campaigns) and re-marketing (that’s when you get an email 7 days later trying to get you back to convert), which tries to get you back to complete the sale. And there is definitely some big data smart tech going on, to send you emails that are specific to your personal desires (or segments).

Recently Mark Cuban used the term predictive to describe the current state of interaction on the web, when it comes to things like email, text, chat, social, etc. So the positive is we are receiving email at the right times and for the right reasons more often. What Mark Cuban is saying is that we are going to move from predictive to prescriptive and a lot of this is going to be driven by AI and Machine Learning.

While email may be arriving with a more direct message to the right customer (if a company actually cares about getting that right), would you actually say that email content is any better than it was 10 years ago. In fact, would you use the word Intelligent? Not really. It is pretty much the same old content.

Many companies still send out single images in an email to all customers. It seems like every life guru, software company and blogger I get on the email list for, sends out a bunch of preset text paragraphs trying to convince me of something, that has bold lines and italic lines in it and links to get us to convert to the next level. And because of best practices, everybody does pretty much the same thing.

So when I say Intelligent Email, I am referring to something more interactive than getting a short dissertation that I have to read though in my inbox. What I am saying is why can’t email be better and more interactive?

I recently co-founded a startup, which has been accepted by eMerge Americas, which is so brand new, let’s just call it a project. And for now we use the tag line “Intelligent Email”. Our group is focused on making email better. The place we are starting is consulting services. We are looking for email campaigns to manage clients looking for email content consulting. So you don’t have to outsource the email to us, we would just work on the message unless you want us to manage the email tech. I am referring to email sent with Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Salesforce to name a few. We are looking for Intelligent Email clients to test some of our new theories on. If you have a marketing or tech agency or work in a marketing department, considering using us.

Intelligent Email can mean a lot of things, so for now, what I am looking for is a few good companies that want to do email better! If you have an email campaign that is not going very well, or you want to send email, but don’t event collect email addresses, please contact me at to discuss further!

Have a great week!


Founder SEO Turbo Booster,, Writer, Speaker, Consultant. Email me at to contact me.

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