How Can You Naturally Promote A Mobile App?

I ask this basic question to all mobile app makers.

How can you naturally promote a mobile app?

Promoting an IOS Apple and Android mobile app is not that simple. I personally think it is a very difficult task unless there is some personal or business connection to that app. In fact, I rarely want to download an app, unless it has some utility value, meaning that it would be used for a business that I frequent or a business purpose. That would make sense to me.

It finally sinks into mobile app makers minds at some point in time, hopefully early on and not later… How do I promote my mobile app? If you have not thought this through it could be the death of your app.

Let’s think about this.

I know a couple relatively successful mobile apps. There are several obvious ways to promote them. Overall, a mobile app requires a leap of faith that is different than visiting a website, joining an email list or e-commerce. The customer has either heard about the app somewhere in print media, or seen an ad, or a review or somebody has recommended it to them.

Here are the basic ways in my mind. And you would probably have to pay something for these methods, because once again I personally think getting people to download apps is still one of the most difficult tasks to get people to do.

  1. Physical meetings, parties, where people are asked to download an app. Sounds very much like the last thing an app maker wants to do, but it does work. It could be important to get the ball rolling. Cost, though, is very high, because there is no economies of scale here.
  2. Social media. A ton of mobile apps have used social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to promote their apps. But think about that, why do social media want another app, especially if it competes in some way. In fact, Facebook competes with 90% of consumer apps I have seen out there. Yet, it is only the cost of your time and energy. You have to weigh what that is worth. So you got to use social media. The question is whether this can get the ball rolling.
  3. PR. This would mean that a famous person on TV recommends the app or a press release tells people about an app. This could be a newspaper article, which is great stuff. If the app is unique and a utility and not competing with big time consumer apps, you may be onto something big. Getting local newspapers is a great way to start this and other PR methods.
  4. Google Play store and Apple store online advertising. This is where you could get some downloads, but honestly they may have a way to promote here, but I don’t give it much credence and it will cost you. So once again a costly way to go.
  5. Paid clicks. This means paying people on Google or Facebook to arrive at your website first and then learning about the app and then downloading the app. So think about this, you would have to get people to take 2 big actions. Click one link and then download. And once again this could be extremely costly, because not everybody who clicks will download, but you have to pay no matter what.

I am sure I am missing another way to promote your app. I would put “Sharing” in a full category on its own because that is the Number 1 way to get big. But as app makers will be the first to admit, it’s like winning the lottery.

And then there are some affiliate programs that would help increase the sharing. If your app is amazing and everybody has to check it out, yes sharing could be the way to rapidly increase the app’s downloads. I think of how Linkedin got started and got us all to invite our list of email contacts, and they were off to the races. I have some doubts on that working today, unless it is a business mobile app, and even that one I would be hesitant to send to my entire list, until I felt it was at the level of Linkedin, and I rarely come across that type of app. It’s like once every 5 years for me.

So, the reason I was writing this article is to let mobile app makers know there are other answers. My experience has been that I have run into at least 25 app makers with basic problems in promoting themselves. Some were simple mobile apps, some were combo mobile and web. Regardless, I have seen a lot of mobile apps fail to get downloads and critical mass. In the dating business, specifically, I have seen many come and go and small fortunes lost along the way.

So, what is this other answer?

Well, this is the solution I have been working on for 18 years.

Think about that.

I have been involved in an ongoing business for the past 18 years that is Internet based and still around. That solution is now available outside of our small little world that has used it all those years. That solution we are now calling (The software behind it is created by Take It National, my software company.

Previously, long before , I had been working on a software platform in the dating event business for almost 20 years that resulted in this solution. When I say solution, I am not exactly talking just software, there is also knowledge, consulting and probably more after that, which is not software. It had been a bit of an odyssey and of course a lot of refactoring whenever the tech changed. What I kind of leave out of this story is that from 2005 to 2010, in the great wisdom of the acquirer of the first software I wrote, the system switched completely from LAMP (Linux with PHP) to ASP/.Net (Microsoft). We switch it back to Linux (Yeah!) and we survived to 2019… Hard to believe.

Ok, getting a little too technical there and off topic; let’s get to the bottom line.

Bottom line, , which was designed specifically to assist customers to get more search engine traffic and create what we call a Funnel to customer conversion, can promote your mobile app properly through the Google Search Engine (Serps), which is how you get more downloads. The cost of is reasonable. There is no required SEO consulting. And it does not mean your SEO consultant needs to necessarily go away. It does means you will be getting the traffic you deserve, based on your keywords. And SEO Consultants, call me, we need to talk, because I am your best friend.

There is so much more to this, than a simple solution. There are things like Sales Funnels and important aspects of your “web presence” we can help you with if you want to promote your app. Contact me at or call us at 1–786–708–1379 if you want more info about . If you are building an app or have a mobile app already, contacting us could be one of the most important decisions you take in 2019! So many mobile apps have failed to get traction, and we are determined to stop that!

Founder SEO Turbo Booster, , Writer, Speaker, Consultant. Email me at to contact me.

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