How #GA Google’s Analytics Mobile App Has Radically Changed Website Monitoring

About 8 months ago after was trolling through the Google Play Store and happened to notice that Google had released for Android a mobile app for analyzing Google Analytics on a mobile phone.

So why would you care about Google Analytics on Mobile?

Well, first off have you built a website?

Or have you managed some aspect of a website?

Are you online marketing on run an eCommerce site?

Or have you used a website?

Unless you have been living on an island for the past 10 years, you will know something about Google, and most likely if you are technical, a programmer or web developer, a web designer, marketer, a financial analyst or just have your own site, you will have heard of Google Analytics. With WordPress it is as easy to set up as a copy and paste.

Ok, if any of these are true, you would be aware of Google (The Search Engine Company) and their Web Analytics product.

About 12 years ago Google Analytics was put out into the market for free and we started to use it for our business and personal sites, client sites, my speed dating business website,,, and any other sites we touched. Since the beginning I’ve been a continual user of Google Analytics. There are still 60 accounts from old and new clients in my one Google Account. The limit on connecting to Analytics is 100 per Google Account.

Every 2 months for the past 10 years Google has released a new feature in their free Google Analytics product. They used to be useless, but all of that changed when Google started to take this product seriously. Why? Because they have been on a competitive path with the two only serious web analytic rivals Adobe/Omniture SiteCatalyst and IBM Coremetrics. And that is just keeping up with the competition to remain relevant and stay head to head with the top web analytics product on the market.

In fact, there really is only one company with a better product on the market than Google right now, and that is paid Adobe Analytics and Adobe Marketing Cloud. Google 360 or Google Enterprise Analytics is not free and at a higher level and really is only for “Enterprises” who can afford the price tag.

So, back to the Google Analytics Mobile App.

I had my doubts.

Usually mobile apps are kind of a second thought thing for companies. Especially for free versions of software. But this perception is about to change.

The Mobile version of Google Analytics is easily downloaded. Once downloaded, it is easily connected to my Google accounts and loads my big client we track.

And lo and behold I have found it more than useful. It is amazingly easy to use and keeps me from running to a browser to check on things. That is a couple minutes of time saved per lookup at least!

The Google Mobile Analytics App can be used to track real-time visitors and most every thing you normally track in the web browser version. There are few exceptions.

They made it easy to change time frames, even easier to put in comparative time frames.

The eCommerce and conversion works well.

Sending off a stat to co-workers is easy as pie.

You can take advantage of segments and views where you only see information by new users or other criteria.

Yes, there were bugs this past year, like my segment, buyers, got stuck and could not be changed as a default. But they fixed that one bug that befuddled me.

So, for the past half a year I have used it 3 or 4 times a day. I take a quick look at our system to make sure everything is working properly to make sure there are sales in the morning as well as at the end of the day. I check the real-time users out and see where they are surfing. We can do quick comparisons with 30 day time frames to make sure the business is on track. When the business is not on track, we can quickly take action (I don’t have to leave Starbucks to get my PC). So, this makes total sense, has made our business better and I can do it at Starbucks or walking down the street, or other places I will not mention!

By the way, nothing in life is free. The only reason Google keeps their Analytics free is it is part of their Pay Per Click hegemony, where they control everything. The cost of running the analytics is minor compared with what they make on PPC, and the analytics keeps Google on top of mind. So it makes sense.

Let me know if you have any questions about this Mobile app version of Google Analytics. I can in fact be YOUR consultant if this is something you need. We could actually talk turkey and work together! It is worth it to have a chat with me if you monitor sites with the free Google Analytics version. Here is a link to their app on the Android Store.

I have not yet listed our next Startuppop pitch event in Boca Raton, FL due the fact I may not be in town. It is currently scheduled for Jan 11th. If you are not yet on our meetup here or on our email list here, please get on it for more info.

NOW IF YOU WORK FOR GOOGLE ANALYTICS listen up. If you would like for me to continue to promote your product here (in your monopolistic and uncompetitively crushing manner) please, please contact me. I can do some serious education of the market about his product. It’s easy, just email me at…

Have a great week.


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