How To Interpret Twitter Analytics

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Do you use Twitter on a regular basis?

Even if you don’t use Twitter at all, you still may be able to get something out of reading this.

One of the magnanimous feats by Twitter is their analytics. Believe it or not, their analytics is great.

Still you may be thinking, why do I care?

Well, are you a Startup?

Are you trying to be an Authority in an industry?

Do you write, post, like, update, comment or use Social Media to get known, to get people to download your app, sign up for your list or just to get traffic?

Do you still not get what Twitter is about?

I can sum it all up for you. From a business or organizational perspective it is all about PR. Twitter is a fine PR system, and just like PR Newswire and AP Wire and Business Wire, it gets people in touch with your content. It does get a brand noticed and it does get you click-throughs (occasionally). If you don’t need PR, then there are many other things you would want from Twitter including political information, war information and all kind of immediate news. If you follow certain people or keywords, then you get their updates! Just happens that Twitter is used by “You Know Who” and people seem to be not understanding full the implications of Tweeting, unless they know how to look under the hood (analytics).

So, let’s take it from the “You Know Who” perspective and talk about what is going on under the hood. I am talking analytics mainly, but really what I am talking about is how to figure out the data of everything Twitter!

Why is Twitter’s own analytics so phenomenal?

And how do the “You Know Who” web analytic staff members know what is happening, what is most popular, when is it popular, by whom and so on and so on?

What do “You Know Who” know, who do they know and where do they know it?

It’s all in the data.

Well, let’s start at another vantage point. I would probably guess 99% of Twitter users have never looked at the analytics. I use Twitter quite a bit and I don’t really spend too much time in there.

Lucky for us end users (or power users like myself), there is an easy, simple to use Twitter Analytics Interface to get this data in like 2 clicks.

First off, look here on the mid to upper right side at that black box.

There is a list of my Tweet activity by the hour 11AM to 11AM. See it says on the right, there were 1,126 impressions over the past 24 hours.

Impressions are eyeballs. That’s people who had their or twitter feeds exposed to a screen somewhere are my impressions.

Notice on this chart, it shows that there were 15.8K impressions over the last 28 days or 565 per day. Now I am no Kardashian or “You Know Who”, but I am happy with my top tweets getting over 400 impressions. My click-through was not great though. Would like it to be better! See it was a 1 per tweet click-through, which is like a .2%. Need to work on that.

But clicking through is not always what this is about. Let’s take “You Know Who” for instance. He does not have a link for people to click-through to necessarily, so impressions is what he is all about! No place to go from there, other than the engagement activities of Retweeting and Liking (Hearting).

Now let’s go deeper.

My highest tweet got 9 engagements, broken down into 5 Likes, 3 Retweets and 1 Hashtag Click. Nothing to write home about. But, if all ended there, Twitter would be pretty lame. There are a ton of other PR like activities going on here.

One is Follows. Everytime I Tweet, some of the people end up following me. Some go as far as finding, my website and get on my list. Some end up right here at this article.

Let’s go further.

Twitter really gives you some serious in depth analysis quickly. Notice how it shows what the top interests of my users are, Technology, Tech News, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Startups. Notice it shows me the gender is 72% Male, and Top Wireless Carrier is AT&T. Who knew?

This is interesting, the majority of my Twitter followers are Home Owners. Now it also saying that 88% of my twitter followers have over a $99,000 Household Income. Wow! Wondering about that stat, it means I could be a high-end Tweeter apparently! 55% are married and 83% prefer Premium brands. Funny, I don’t.

So, what do we do with all this great data? Well, it helps me target market my audience with the right products and services. In fact, I am using Twitter Analytics along with Google Analytics to figure out things like where should this business grow now. Now Linkedin used to have some level of analytics like this, but for whatever reason they got rid of it. Maybe its in the paid version?

And just remember “You Know Who” is looking at all this Twitter information. That’s why he loves Twitter so much. It really is for the every day guy, who knows little about web analytics with their small hands. He knows this info and he is using it to his advantage. That’s called Analytics and Business Intelligence. Well, we can leave out the Intelligence.

Finally, look at this really nice summary screen. Easy to understand, and easy to figure out. Not really that complicated honestly (for me). You can see my Top Tweet last month was about Rentlit with 378 impressions. And next is the Top mentions. I do notice that Tweets with images do a whole lot better, so now I tend to tweet with an image.

Hope you found this article interesting (analytics can be dry and boring, but I am determined to change that!), and you got something out of it. I do recommend diving in there if you do Tweet and getting very familiar if you are not already. I believe data should be visual, easy to follow and understandable. And that is what Twitter has done, plain and simple. Not much to really challenge us Data hounds!

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