How We Have Coped With Our Child’s Spectrum Disorder

One thing that always occurs to parents like myself who have a kid with a Sensory Spectrum Disorder is “Is It Real?” I have heard this from other parents. At least we want it to not be real. We question if it is real, because in fact most kids with this very mild (I mean almost undetectable) form of Ausbergers Syndrome can actually seem to have nothing wrong with them.

So, that guy or girl is just a little off we used to say.

How many people do we work with, especially in technology, that seem introverted, unable to socialize or just don’t have any common sense when in public. We all know these people. Trust me, at least half of them are on the Spectrum! Things are different today. 40+ years ago most schools would just tell the parents of kids who just can’t get started that they are either disciplining them or kicking them out of class or school. So, it is only in the modern era that these oddball kids are being diagnosed.

Did we cause this syndrome by our actions?

The answer is no. We are great parents. Will my son grow up and get mature and work his way out of his issues? I believe so. He is doing well in school and turns out he is quite smart. It took us a while to figure out that he needed to be diagnosed. Pre-School kids can be wild, so we just thought he was a little different.

So how are we coping with this?

It is not easy. We know there is an issue, but we work with him every day to be normal and act normal. Does he have to go on meds? Honestly, I am doing everything I can to stop that, but the day may come for this. He is still young and working things out. The kids I really feel for are the ones whose parents completely ignore any of these symptoms. In particular some kids just have a very slight version of this. Because boys are likely to act out and get in trouble, they get attention early on for Spectrum Disorders because of their behavior. Girls on the other hand can often be ignored until they are older and figure some of this out themselves.

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