In the past year I published 2 books about Tech Startups on I have a third book about Internet names to be published soon and I am working on a fourth book about startup business sequences. This final book covers both the sequence of events that startups need to go through to find their way. It also covers the characters or mindsets that arrive on the scene of a startup and how each one deals with situations.

I refer to these personalities as the Tech Mind, Marketing Mind and the Hack Mind. As I get closer to finishing this book, I am going to be publishing excerpts from this book and concepts I come across. This article covers the mindsets of people in startups. You can be these people at any point in time. What you need to do is break out of these mindsets and evolve in order to balance out your startup mind.

Tech Mind

The Tech Mind, which is really a mindset, is not exactly tech only. It refers to a mindset of focusing solely on the details or technical product specifications required for the solution. It refers to a mind that is so focused on the solution they don’t even know if the solution really solves a problem. Because what they know is building solutions, they are just building with no road to a market necessarily. They may find a problem, but the problem may not be big enough or important enough to solve.

Marketing Mind

The Marketing Mind, which is very skilled at selling and marketing products and services, is so focused on the selling that 90% of all energies go into complex selling, pricing models or network marketing models. They can identify a market. They know how to get the customer to convert. They may even know of a problem to be solved. They just don’t know how to build a solution. And once they meet with a Tech Mind, they often have a conflict when they are told that the solution can not be built exactly the way they envisioned it.

Hack Mind

The Hack Mind is a jack of all trades who can see across both the Tech Mind and Marketing Mind and can identify a problem and solution. They like to test things out. They don’t spend too much time falling in love with problems or solutions. Most important, they are great at hacking. The Hack Mind knows when to skip certain steps in the process and can quickly have a business model in place.

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Dan Gudema

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