Joe, I agree with you whole-heartedly. Worst part of all this is how many people I know, who are smart and professional, who have decided the best route is the safest route, and take 2 steps back. Most people with power have given up on humanity in favor of satisfying the needs of only their tribe. This means they are aware of general findings like global warming, but don’t want to acknowledge it because it would not be beneficial to their employer or their pocketbook. There are those who tell me they supported Trump because they feel chaos is better than the status quo. There are people who call themselves Christians but use the words distribution of wealth like it is a communist plot to over people hand outs. I have some of the same feelings about the world. I have two kids in elementary school. I have had my own financial struggles this year and honestly you can never really relate this to your kids, because they are kids. And it feels like we are entering a 1930s period where strongmen are followed, greed is hidden behind the guise of capitalism, children dying from bombs falling in places like Syria are shrugged off as the casualties of the fight against terrorism. Are they? This has all the feeling of Franco and The Spanish Civil War. Everything that is about to be proposed in the US congress from getting rid of abortions to privatizing school systems, to deregulating oil fields and coal mines to proposed tariffs on trade deals makes no sense what so ever. They want to take a step back in time to some mythic period of their lives where life was better. But as you know there is no going back. You can only go forward. My answer is to not keep my mouth shut. Somebody told me recently that my problem is I read the news! That is the problem in their mind, just watch the football games like everybody else and sing along with the commercials! The news is no longer the news, it is just another Pay-Per-Click scheme to maximize our time in front the TV. You are doing the right thing and stating your mind and pointing out the obvious. It was not obvious to Germans in the 1930s and it’s not obvious here till it is too late.

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