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My Adventures In Home Automation

I am probably like you, just an average guy living in an average home with an average family of 4. A lot of people probably will laugh if they heard I was handy around a home. Like most, I do what I can do myself. Automating my home is one of my goals.

  • My Tween sons love to watch TV in their rooms or use TVs for video games long after they are done with their virtual homework (you know pandemic). We are a little too nice and let them watch the TVs around bedtime because I did not have this luxury, but they do. And in particular, I would say we have probably 75% of the time have their TVs ended up on all night long, so that was an issue. Sometimes I would discover the TVs on round the clock. Oy! Some older TVs had some timers built-in, but the newer smart TVs were not so smart.
  • My wife loves her Santa Claus and Christmas lighting, and that went up right away early this year around Thanksgiving. Once again we tried using an old physical timer from the 90s to set the on and off lighting, but it failed to really work. So, sometimes we would have the lights on during the day and off at night. A little problem to solve, but none the less a problem.

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