We have to rebirth #Healthcare as a #Startup, so let’s get started!

About 5 weeks ago I put together some curated content (that means I wrote original content) about the current healthcare situation in the US and the impact on startups, and how it is basically a quagmire inside of a mystery, wrapped as an enigma (sic).

So, now I am asking for your assistance in breaking the system.

You may be thinking, ok, what does Dan mean, and is he losing his mind?

But am I completely looking for your assistance!

You see, if we do not come up with a solution, basically startups will be a fact of the past in the US or better yet, only for those who are covered by the parents’ policy will be able to run a startup and apparently startups in socialized medicine countries like France and Israel will have an advantage. Hard to believe it has come to this, but this is already starting to happen. They are actually starting to pass us. And even if you start a tech company in the US for instance and want to hire people, it may be inconsequential, meaning, they can’t leave their big corporate jobs because they need coverage…

Something has got to give. For one, coverage should be available and free for startups, especially tech startups. Why, because it makes total sense. Job creators should be promoted. But, startups obviously do not have a big enough lobby for their cause, so subsidies don’t go to startups, they go to Insurance Companies, huh? Makes no sense.

Well, I am tired of complaining about a situation that is quite crazy for startups. In fact, because my consulting gig ended officially last week (and I had moved into new insurance, that was basically catastrophic with the temp agency) I am officially next week going to be eligible for cobra apparently. Which as many of you know, really is a bad idea for me. That’s because it will cost like 100 times the government mandated system. Especially since there is now a healthcare law in place which has a marketplace, where I can get some cheap HMO crap policy till I move onto a new gig or policy. Yada Yada Yada. So, I will be on the dole for a while, until I get back into a plan with a high deductible!

Even large corporations are doing their employees a favor by reducing the monthly costs and going with high deductible plans. Who wants to dish out $1000 monthly, when you can pay $500 monthly and go with a high deductible. The fact is everybody will one day have a catastrophic healthcare insurance policy with a $6000 deductible. I am predicting it will happen to you, even with your cushy corporate job!

It’s an inevitability.

But there is a silver lining to this outlay everybody will be dealing with. Everybody will have to actually look at the bill and ask doctors and hospitals for price estimates before they operate. That means sanity is coming to healthcare sooner or later.

If we think that passing more bills in congress will change anything, we are pretty much deluded, because both conservative and liberals seem to be under the spray of big money coming from a lot of directions, and everybody is feeding at the trough from hospitals, pharma, politicians, lobbyists, clinics and insurance companies.

There is always socialized medicine, but the likelihood of this is a million to one with large swaths of US citizens who would rather put their faith in Blue Cross than Red, White and Blue. So, that is not even a remote possibility. Like I said in my last article about healthcare, we may consider moving to Canada!

So, let’s get down to the problem of either breaking the system or fixing it, or both.

I am meeting with several people and groups from different directions who have ideas. I have my ideas. They have theirs. What I have learned as I get deeper into the bowels of the laws and players of the healthcare world, is a situation where insurance companies, hospitals and clinics are clutching for more and more power, while patients pay more and doctors get paid less, and these organizations seem to have more protections from the Government (of all groups), to basically squeeze us for every cent they can (I think it should be the other way around). And when we are not paying, they have gotten subsidies from the government (which is you and I again) to pay these insurance companies and hospitals, so they can raise the prices even higher!

Ay, yay, yay.

And for the past 20 years laws have been passed at every level by state and federal and local groups to protect their interests, so from a startup perspective, it is virtually impossible to create a situation where something can be solved.

So it seems.

So where is the opportunity?

I think it is right in front of us.

If people have to all go with catastrophic plans and will have to pay money from their real wallets every time they visit a doctor, that means that healthcare is about to get price sensitive.

And that is where the opportunity lies.

Like I said, if you read my blog article on May 28th,

#Startups: The #HealthCare system in the US needs a DO OVER.

you will understand where I am at and why I am thinking like this.

Let me know what you think the answer is. I am about to take a stab at it, and maybe I am right and maybe I am wrong, maybe I will be breaking the law just by doing certain things. I am going to do whatever I can to reduce my personal healthcare costs and that is where I am just getting started!

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