Why I Enjoy Running StartupPOP Startup Pitch Events

You know, there is something about the StartupPOP Startup Pitch Event I run in Boca Raton. On Tuesday, December 8th we will be running our 12th 3 Minute Elevator Pitch for tech startups at Cendyn Spaces in Boca Raton. You can click this link below to sign up:


Ok, got my plug in for my event.

If you are in South Florida, this really only applies to you.

So let me give you reasons there is something about this event that really truly is special.

  • First off, it is a bit of a circus.
    I don’t love circuses, but there is this feeling that at any time something unusual or different may come out on stage at our startup pitch event. We are not the Gong Show, but I have had a bunch of crazies, like a guy who got up and told us he was going to change the world of driving cars with Magnets. He was wearing his pajamas I think. Some people have asked me to restrict who pitches, but then we wouldn’t have anything interesting to talk about.
  • Networking, Networking, Networking
    Why not go to a tech startup pitch event if you live in South Florida if you work in tech or want to meet your next gig? It is a place to meet up with other startups or workers who wish they did not have a day job. Well, trust me keep the day job! But if you live near Mizner Park area then you need to come out to our event!
  • Capital Team
    Ok, you want to raise capital, you need a capital team. We have at least a few people attending with some experience and interest in this area. We can’t guarantee that we know the right people, but at least we are trying to match tech with funding!
  • Feedback
    If you are in a startup or want to be in a startup, you need to interact with other startups. So, get out there and find out what you need to know from other startup people. You can’t work in a bubble.
  • The Hidden Diamond in The Rough
    Every once in a while there is a real darling startup. We may not be Silicon Valley. I call it jokingly Retirement Valley. But sometimes someone walks in the door and gets up and absolutely is onto something big. It happens every once in a while. That is really amazing and you got to be at the event to experience this! If you are an investor, you need to look through 100 early stage startups to find a great venture. This is just one of those places to start looking.

Finally, we are running these events, many of us to find additional business. StartupPOP does business plans, pro formas, ecommerce sites, websites, WordPress sites and now introducing StartupPOP BLAST.

What is StartupPOP Blast?

It is a way to get to over 10,000 South Florida tech community members through a method of promotion on 12 types of media generating over 30 inbound links to your sites. Can’t guarantee it, but you may get up to 300,000 global techies reading all about it! Let’s just say it involves article writing like this one, all the major social media, video, stream video and other techniques to promote you. And it is different than your own social media! It is StartupPOP who is doing the promoting!

To try it out, email me for a quote! dan@startuppop.com.

Dan Gudema

Founder SEO Turbo Booster, http://seoturbobooster.com, Writer, Speaker, Consultant. Email me at dan@seoturbobooster.com to contact me.

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